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RISE Architecture and Landscape Architecture Research Fellows

Monash University

Location: Various
Closing: 10 July 2017

Senior Engineer (SCADA)


Location: TAS
Closing: 28 June 2017

Employee Relations Consultant

Western Power

Location: WA - Perth

Technical Services Engineer


Location: QLD - Brisbane
Closing: 07 July 2017

Latest Energy News

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The WA Government has banned uranium mining, but will allow four projects that have approval to proceed.

Barnaby Joyce says the lights would ‘go out’ if coal was phased out.

The boss of NSW’s largest electricity user says Australian politicians should be “brave” and consider nuclear energy.

Researchers have identified over 180 possible sites for pumped hydro energy storage across South Australia.

Origin Energy has announced double-digit electricity price increases in South Australia and New South Wales from next month.

The Queensland Government is looking at tightening the rules on how households with solar panels use and sell excess energy.

Conservationists want the Queensland Government to cap the gas industry's unlimited access to water from the Great Artesian Basin.

Stanford University engineers have developed a new way to charge devices wirelessly, while they are in motion.

Polling suggests Australians support a low emissions target over an ETS ...

Australian researchers have developed a way to store gas inside special materials, rather than pressurised tanks.

Courses & Education

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The new Australian Curriculum prioritises the teaching of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives as one of three major cross-curricular themes. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures priority aims to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures and knowledge traditions.

This unique workshop is targeted to Health and Safety professionals who want to learn how to manage individualised workplace bullying risk. We focus on helping you to understand why and how workplace bullying is a health and safety risk; and how to eliminate or manage that risk using an individual assessment approach.

Numbers are the language of business. This course is aimed at improving contract professionals’ knowledge of how the numbers work in a business setting and how they can affect an organisation.

This course informs business and government about contracts, delivering critical legal knowledge for anyone who has any exposure to contracts of whatever size, value and type. During the one day intensive program you will examine the law and commercial factors affecting the contract lifecycle, from formation, through performance to completion.

Expert Opinion

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At a time when we are moving forward with massive city building infrastructure projects procrastination is an exercise in value escape rather than value capture. Meanwhile there are countless examples where opportunist landholders or developers are making huge windfall profits.

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Agency Director
Graham Howard
Frontline Health Brisbane

Featured Energy Jobs

City of Sydney

Principal Engineer - Electrical and Furniture Assets

City of Sydney

Location: NSW - Sydney
Closing: 15 July 2017

Hydrodynamic/Wave Modeller


Location: TAS - Hobart
Closing: 16 July 2017
University of New South Wales

Research Fellowships

University of New South Wales

Location: NSW - Sydney
Closing: 10 July 2017