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The Federal Government is considering allowing energy companies to buy offsets to comply with the 26 per cent emissions reduction target under the NEG.

The Basslink power cable between Tasmania and Victoria will be out of action until the end of May.

Chevron will proceed with the second stage of the multi-billion-dollar Gorgon project expansion off WA.

New Zealand says it will stop issuing permits for offshore oil and gas exploration.

A pilot 'clean energy' project in Victoria will use brown coal to make hydrogen.

Nuclear waste from Australia's only reactor will soon be exported for reprocessing and then re-imported.

The NSW Government is being sued by the sub-contractor for its Sydney light rail project.

Gas company Linc Energy has been found guilty of causing serious environmental harm.

Authorities say an incident in which underground miners were engulfed in a wall of flame should have been avoided.

The Federal Government is pushing AGL to sell the Liddell power plant instead of closing it.

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By the end of the course, participants should feel very confident in how to prepare a best practice Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability report using the GRI Standards. Most importantly, participants will begin to understand the GRI report writer’s adage “It’s not about the report, it’s about the process!”

This GRI Certified course will provide you a practical overview of how to use the new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards as you progress from the G4 version of the GRI framework.

Presentations and workshops will feature highlights of recent projects conducted by the Geological Survey of NSW and their implications for exploration.

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