The WA Government is funding efforts to cool suburbs by increasing tree cover.

The Victorian city of Warrnambool has linked with a Swedish counterpart to work on a solar-to-hydrogen technology exchange.

A worker has been awarded compensation after he strained his back picking up company car keys.

ANU researchers have achieved a world record in perovskite solar cell efficiency.

Australia is set to sign up to new agreements that will require it to integrate climate and pricing risks in its investments.

Lawyers are preparing a massive class action against two of Queensland's largest electricity generators.

AI is being used to help improve electric vehicle charging systems.

The world’s largest floating object is once again producing liquified natural gas (LNG).

Around 170 people have been sacked from the New Acland coal mine.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has launched a $5 million project to drive down emissions from the agriculture sector.

Australian researchers have come up with a cleaner and greener way to make ammonia.

Government money will be used to investigate using an underground coal mine for pumped hydro storage.

Engineers have spiced up new solar cells by adding a touch of chilli.

Media investigations reveal a curious timeline for the approval of a new uranium mine.

Australian experts are helping design new cathodes for high-performing sodium ion batteries.

Energy firm Origin is seeking petroleum leases across 225,000 hectares of one of the world’s biggest free-flowing river systems.

A partner in the Maules Creek coal mine has announced it will divest from thermal coal mines by 2024.

Researchers have used a microwave to turn coal into graphite.

The rehab plan for an old NT uranium mine has been deemed “woefully inadequate”.

Tesla founder Elon Musk has become the richest person in the world.

Planning has begun for a massive 500MW battery west of Sydney.

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