The WA Government has rejected guidelines from its own EPA requiring major LNG projects to be carbon neutral.

An old Toyota car plant in Victoria is being turned into a renewable energy hub to produce hydrogen fuels.

The WA Government has scrapped its $16 million contract with the Carnegie Clean Energy wave power firm.

BHP is pouring $1.34 billion into petroleum prospects off the United States and Mexico.

Woodside Energy is concerned about new EPA rules in WA.

Reports say Australian coal exports are still being delayed on their way to China.

A new study has slammed Bitcoin mining technology for its large environmental costs.

The Victorian Government wants new planning mechanisms to help a rapid uptake of large-scale renewable energy.

New estimates say air pollution is responsible for up to 8.8 million extra deaths around the world each year.

A massive investor group has warned that the Federal Government’s emissions policy is unlikely to be much help.

AEMO and CSIRO say wind and solar are clearly the cheapest new forms of electricity generation.

There could soon be a vote on the federal government's proposed “big stick” energy laws.

Despite hundreds of millions invested, Carnegie Clean Energy's much-lauded wave technology is plummeting in value.

WA Premier Mark McGowan has attacked the state's EPA over new emissions guidelines.

There is serious disagreement in NSW over a proposed new coal mine.

NSW Labor has pledged to block Santos's $3 billion Narrabri gas project.

Australian engineers have created a breakthrough new form of graphitic material.

Rural residents are discussing the future of coal and how it may affect them.

Labor says it would create a national stockpile of crude oil and fuel to avoid looming shortages.

Sydney University has launched a new company dedicated to what it says could be a revolutionary new energy storage platform.

Three staff at a government nuclear facility have been decontaminated after a chemical spill.

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