The Northern Territory government is ditching its premium solar panel tariff scheme.

A dormant NSW coal mine could soon restart operations.

The EU is imposing tougher cyber security rules for energy facilities and other key sectors.

High-tech tractors have been linked to powerline damage in South Australia.

Theoretical physicists say superconductors can carry magnetic information to much longer distances than can conventional metals.

Experts say there is a 50:50 chance of global temperature temporarily reaching the 1.5°C warming threshold ...

A major industrial firm says tighter rules for polluters could stifle competition.

WA’s latest budget brings new rebates and taxes for electric vehicles.

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot project in WA has put together its first package of residentially-generated energy.

Industry figures say Australia is not building renewable energy fast enough.

A federal agency is helping manufacturing giant Manildra Group become less reliant on coal.

Global climate action is being held back by war, the COVID-19 pandemic and politics.

Some Australian miners are turning to AI to help them hunt down new riches.

BP has been fined over a jet fuel spill in Adelaide's Port River.

Australian researchers have developed customised circuit boards to help encourage STEM knowledge...

Shareholder activists are protesting AGL’s proposed demerger in court.

Some new doubt has emerged for plans to build a giant solar farm in the Northern Territory.

New research suggests the world must halve its energy use to avoid climate catastrophe.

The Morrison government’s election campaign has seen “hydrogen hubs” pledged around the country.

Origin Energy is making new purchases for its future life without coal.

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