Energy Australia says the NEG is not inherently pro-coal.

The ACCC says consumers can significantly improve the affordability of electricity.

Planning approval has been granted for a 300MW solar farms near Gladstone in Queensland.

Experts have proposed a tax on building materials to fund the removal of asbestos ...

The Federal Government has rolled out new powers that will require infrastructure managers to detail their IT environments.

The offshore petroleum regulator has been accused of failing to keep workers safe.

An international team has used artificial photosynthesis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen at near zero gravity.

Yancoal has announced over 200 employees will be stood down or re-deployed from the Austar coal mine in NSW.

The Ai Group says Australia needs to resolve its decade-long war on climate and energy policy ...

ARENA is working on an performance standard for residential and small-commercial PV systems.

BP has been dubbed the front-runner to buy BHP’s US shale assets.

New analysis shows Australia reached a 19 per cent share renewable energy in the year to June 30.

The shutdown of Australia’s only nuclear medicine generator could endanger patients in rural and regional areas.

Adani could be ordered to cease work near its Abbot Point coal terminal and planned rail corridor, after traditional owners applied to protect sacred sites.

A pilot project will soon give a glimpse of a hydrogen-powered future.

Tony Abbott wants Australia to pull out of the global climate agreement he signed the nation up for.

Australia’s chief energy policy adviser says energy comparison sites lack transparency, and could inflate prices.

A new study predicts renewable energy will provide one third of the national electricity market's needs within two years.

Coal is on track to become Australia’s largest export.

The Victorian Government has sold its share in Snowy Hydro to the Federal Government.

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