Melbourne council is now 100 per cent powered by renewable energy.

Regulators have approved oil and gas testing in the Great Australian Bight this year.

South Australia's blackout compensation payments have been slashed.

Approval has been granted for an 800MW wind power project in Victoria’s Golden Plains Shire.

The Federal Government has been warned that Australia’s low fuel stockpiles could leave the nation dangerously exposed.

Electricity meter readers in Queensland will no longer enter yards where dogs are not securely restrained.

Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) export revenue has risen 67.8 per cent since 2017.

Most Australian businesses now see environmental matters as their most important operational issues.

Construction has started on a massive lithium plant in WA.

Environmental lawyers say Adani unwittingly has provided “persuasive” evidence into allegedly illegal works ...

Australian electricity prices are falling overall, but there is significant variation between jurisdictions.

Australian scientists are working on new solar cell materials to replace silicon.

Compensation has been offered after over 14,000 properties in Perth and surrounding areas were left without electricity.

Tasmania’s EPA has been slammed for its handling of a drilling platform moored in the River Derwent.

Activists are trying to stop insurance companies from backing Adani’s Carmichael mine project.

Traditional owners are lodging an Australian Human Rights Commission complaint over the process to select a nuclear waste dump site in South Australia.

A local judge has ruled that a class action against BHP Billiton can proceed.

A report into the death of an NT gas worker says workplace health and safety guidelines were regularly ignored.

The 622km Northern Gas Pipeline has officially opened.

Energy retailers have come up with their own system to help consumers shop around.

CSIRO says Adani's water management plan for the proposed Carmichael coal mine is seriously flawed.

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