The UN climate summit has come up with universal, transparent rules on how to cut emissions and curb global warming.

NSW’s auditor-general says the State Government revealed its Ausgrid asking price too early.

The NSW Government has announced a new initiative to harness dam storages for hydro-electricity.

The NSW planning department has warned of the impacts of a new coal mine near Sydney ...

Australia could be on track to meet its Paris 2030 emissions reductions because of a loophole.

Stats show global carbon emissions from fossil fuels have risen sharply for the second year in a row.

Protests across the nation have called on the Government to stop Adani’s Carmichael mine going ahead.

A South Korean company has signed a deal to build a huge floating gas terminal at Newcastle Port.

Adani faces a new legal challenge over its plan to pump billions of litres of water ...

Aluminium-ion batteries are a step closer to becoming a reality ...

The search for oil has led to the discovery of 400 new species in the Great Australian Bight.

Unions say they are being inappropriately blocked from political campaigning in NSW.

Failed engineering firm RCR Tomlinson has debts of up to $250 million owed to about 4,000 subcontractors and suppliers.

Australia’s main grids are on track to get three-quarters of their electricity from renewables by 2030.

The business sector wants the Federal Government to abandon its “big stick” approach to energy legislation.

Adani is rushing ahead on its Carmichael mine plans, but may soon be forced to wait.

Local researchers have discovered cheaper and more efficient materials for producing hydrogen for renewable energy storage.

Scientists have uncovered a new way to find dysprosium – a key element for a range of cutting-edge technologies.

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