Equinix, a US data centre provider, has signed an off-take agreement with TagEnergy for Victoria's Golden Plains Wind Farm. 

This $3 billion project, Australia's largest wind farm, is set to supply renewable energy to all of Equinix's 17 Australian facilities, ensuring 100 per cent renewable power by 2030.

“As of last year, we ran our sites on 96 per cent renewable energy,” says Guy Danskine, Equinix’s Managing Director for Australia.

“This agreement will get us to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.”

 The Golden Plains Wind Farm, with TagEnergy and IKEA's investment arm Ingka Investments as stakeholders, is designed to produce 756 MW in its first phase. 

Equinix's 151-megawatt deal represents nearly 20 per cent of this output, indicating the significant scale of its renewable energy procurement.

Andrew Riggs, TagEnergy's Managing Partner in Australia, highlighted the transformative potential of Equinix's investment, noting the rapid pace of energy transition. 

Located near Geelong, the wind farm will eventually generate over 4,000 GWh annually, enough to power over 765,000 homes, upon the completion of its two stages.

Final approvals and financial arrangements for the project's second stage are expected soon.