Reliance on old technology is pushing up Australia’s wholesale power prices, and could lead to higher bills for households.

Santos investors have criticised a $6 million bonus for the energy firm’s CEO.

The NSW Government has imposed gender targets on board positions for state owned corporations.

Experts say the coal seam gas industry needs to deal with its salt problem.

Queensland is now home to the Southern Hemisphere’s first human-waste-to-energy plant.

The Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments have signed off on a funding deal to accelerate Beetaloo Basin gas production.

Experts say China’s demand for coal imports, including from Australia, will drop significantly by 2025.

Woodside and Santos are low on a list of energy companies ranked by low-carbon readiness.

Local mining firms appear to be capitalising on the global lithium boom.

A new survey suggests Australians are lagging behind in their willingness to change carbon-creating habits.

Local engineers say they are closer to developing a more sustainable, rechargeable ‘organic’ battery.

More details have been released for a planned $30 billion solar energy project in the Northern Territory.

WA is investing in new technology to monitor seismic activity.

Authorities say Australia’s eastern states will have to deliver on their pledges if they are to avoid an energy shortfall.

CSIRO has announced $50 million in new investments towards growing national issues.

The Greens have pledged $500 million to assist steelmakers in quitting coal.

Experts have created a new device that should improve future electronics.

Twitter appears to be cutting off Elon Musk’s attempt to take control.

A major miner says it is committed to a uranium project in WA, despite being knocked back by the state government.

Experts say that strict adherence to the COP26 climate goals should keep global warming to 2℃.

Woodside has applied for a US listing ahead of a $63 billion merger vote.

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