An international report has found that many biofuel policies only work by depriving people of food.

Clean energy lobbies have written on behalf of the industry to the Federal Government, hoping to clear an impasse in renewable energy target (RET) talks.

The Northern Territory Government has put out new oil and gas exploration licences which cover large amounts of Aboriginal land.

The Federal Court has ordered EnergyAustralia to pay $1 million for breaching Australian Consumer Law in its telemarketing practices.

A new age of solar energy and information is dawning in Queensland.

More Government-funded research into the health effects of wind farms will be undertaken.

Labor’s NSW leader Luke Foley has pledged to reverse his own party’s policy, to protect water supplies and agriculture.

A new report has named Australia’s top 10 polluters, and unsurprisingly, they do not appear to like renewable energy.

A former union boss has backed the return of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), saying certain unions must be “brought to heel’’.

Costa Rica has filled 100 per cent of its 2015 energy demand with renewable sources.

The Federal Government is in fresh talks about the renewable energy target today, with just a week left before a deadline that forces emissions-intensive producers to pay fines.

A furore is forming over a UBS report into the election promises of the NSW Liberal party.

The U.S. Department of Energy has funded a big breakthrough in the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plants.

Two Australian PhD students have reached the final round of an international competition thanks to their exciting project to cost-effectively produce biofuel from algae.

Hunter Water is consulting with legal experts to find out if it can release the findings of an investigation into coal seam gas sewer contamination.

The Queensland Government is planning ban uranium mining once more.

Leaked government documents suggest workers for mining company Linc Energy were exposed to “uncontrolled releases” of gas in Queensland.

The mining industry is taking steps to reduce the hefty toll of carbon emissions from coal-fired power stations.

An industry leader has slammed Australia’s lack of effective energy policy, saying the nation is driving up its own gas prices at the cost of local innovation.

Hawaii is shooting for 100 per cent renewable energy by 2040.

Australian authorities have put out a new paper in the quest for a better way to manage infrastructure worldwide.

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