WA’s major electricity firm has announced it will offload over 300 workers.

Western Power has completed a redundancy program launched in April this year, which sought to cut an equivalent 10 per cent of the network planning staff, and 10 per cent of its project management staff as well.

Western Power said it was reducing its workforce in response to a reduced workload, an ongoing economic slowdown, and increased use of solar power.

It was originally looking to lose 215 full-time equivalent workers, but managed to find a total of 326 willing to take voluntary redundancy.

“Western Power has begun a transformation process aimed at improving customer affordability and long-term business sustainability,” Western Power acting CEO Guy Chalkley said.

“We respected the wishes of 326 people who put their hand up to leave Western Power, the leaving dates of these employees will be agreed ensuring safety and reliability will be unaffected.

“There will be no disruptions to the safe and reliable service we provide to our customers.”

The redundancy process was launched ahead of State Government plans to sell of the utility.

It is understood that the Government will take its privatisation plan to the next election.