A report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that over 70% of all Australian energy production was exported.

Energy production by Australian industry decreased by 3% in the last year. Black coal production increased by 8% in 2009-10, representing 57% of all Australian energy production. The supply of natural gas also increased by 8%, and now accounts for nearly 12% of total Australian energy supply.

Australian households and businesses energy usage increased slightly in the last year (1% from 2008-09). Natural gas (24%), electricity (22%), diesel (18%) and petrol (16%) were the main fuels consumed domestically.

Despite being a large net producer of energy, Australian businesses and households still imported 51% of our domestic energy consumption. Crude oil made up 52% of our energy imports, along with diesel fuel (17%) and other refined fuels (12%).

The Manufacturing industry accounted for (26%) of Australian net energy use in 2009-10, with households accounting for 26%. Mining and Transport each accounted for 14% of domestic net energy use, and commercial and services industries used 11%.

Energy production from renewable sources is still dominated by bagasse and hydro electricity. However, production of solar and wind energy have both increased by 26% from 2008-09.

More details are available in Energy Account, Australia (cat. no 4604.0) at www.abs.gov.au.