AEMO has unveiled some future energy planning scenarios.

Gas infrastructure giant APA has opened a new pipeline.

New laws could see the Federal Government forced to consider climate impacts on future generations when approving ...

Scientists in South Korea say they have created an astounding room-temperature superconductor.

Some challenges have appeared in Gippsland's offshore wind dream.

Wholesale power prices are down 59 per cent in the past year, yet retail bills remain stubbornly high.

Victoria is phasing out gas in new homes.

Australia's governments are coming together to tackle emissions from infrastructure construction.

Renewables, led by wind and solar, have retained their position as Australia’s cheapest new-build electricity generation.

Three Indigenous groups are teaming up with investors to pioneer a $3 billion green hydrogen venture in WA.

US congressmen are urging Australian policymakers to embrace nuclear energy.

Woodside Energy has experienced a sharp decline in its average production price, sliding from $85 to $63 per barrel.

Mineral Resources (MinRes) has decided to walk away from a lucrative billion-dollar lithium deal.

WA's prosperity hinges on going green, experts say.

A federal court has ruled against the government's plan to build a nuclear waste facility ...

Australian researchers have worked out how to repair damaged solar panels in space.

Excitement about the possibilities of ‘white’ hydrogen is growing globally.

New tech is needed to smooth Australia’s energy transition.

Experts say nuclear power should not be considered as part of Australia's strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Australian households are embracing rooftop solar installations at an unprecedented rate.

Tesla is preparing to enter the UK energy market as an electricity supplier.

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