Researchers are coming up with new ways to harvest the unused solar energy that illuminates a solar panel.

Mathematicians say they might be able to predict and quickly detect bushfires caused by powerlines.

A $2 billion electricity transmission line between South Australia and New South Wales has been approved.

Victoria’s new electric vehicle (EV) tax has passed.

Climate change risks have been used in environmental wins against ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell.

A group of Australian teenagers has had a breakthrough in their climate change class action case against the Commonwealth.

The City of Sydney is bringing forward its net-zero emissions goal to 2035.

China is digging deeper into its hydropower options.

A Federal Court decision has stripped billions of litres of water from the Carmichael coal mine project.

Australian experts are on a new mission to increase the use of hydrogen fuel.

A government assessment has found modelling for a Narrabri coal mine extension to be “counterintuitive”.

Australia’s top scientists say one of the nation’s oldest industries is key to some of its newest endeavours.

The G7 has agreed to stop financing coal projects by the end of 2021.

Snowy Hydro will build a $600 million gas-fired power plant in the Hunter Valley, despite experts rejecting government claims...

Australian scientists are feeding the world’s hunger for new solar technologies, serving up a high-tech sandwich.

Woodside Energy has given some details on how it codes its robots.

The Australian National University has committed to reducing carbon emissions to below zero by 2030.

Dozens of councils have signed up to the Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO).

A major builder says it cannot get insurance for work on a controversial coal mine.

Australia’s fuel refinery industry is in line for a big boost.

Experts say billions of dollars are on offer if Australia boosts bioenergy efforts.

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