The Coalition has proposed using a government-owned company to build its own gas-fired power station.

Green energy is now powering a central water pipeline in South Australia.

Australian super funds have threatened to vote against company directors not tackling the climate crisis.

Alinta Energy is planning a 100MW big battery next to its Wagerup peaking gas and diesel plant.

One of Australia’s main finance regulators has given companies a gentle nudge on climate change risk.

Regulators have approved planned costs for upgrading the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector.

A new report shows Australian governments spend $19,000 a minute in fossil fuel subsidies.

The NSW government is paying $100 million to stop coal mining on prime agricultural land.

The Northern Territory has torn up a $1.3 million contract for a Beetaloo Basin fracking study.

Experts say Australian airports could generate enough solar energy to power a regional city.

A giant joint project is seeking federal approval to drill up to 7,700 new gas wells in Queensland.

The CEFC is paying for green upgrades at two Australian industrial projects.

The Climate Council says Australia can and should get carbon emissions to net zero by 2035.

Advocates say awareness of ‘green hydrogen’ is growing.

Australian researchers say a new technique can deliver safe drinking water using cheap materials and free energy.

The SA Government has struck a $1 billion energy deal with the Commonwealth.

Shell says it does not expect to pay Australia resource tax on gas drawn from its Gorgon offshore project.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) says it is supporting consumer choice with a new database.

Japan has announced plans to release over a million tonnes of radioactive water into the ocean.

Experts say two weeks of winter are holding Australia back from a 100 per cent renewably-powered electricity grid.

An independent report has raised concerns about the risk of drilling new gas wells near contaminated land.

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