Australia’s scientific community has called on the Morrison Government to aim for net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Santos says it is getting the money together to develop a major new gas field off the coast of Darwin.

Authorities are moving ahead on Australia’s first biomethane-to-gas project.

The Victorian Government has rejected plans for a 300-metre-long floating gas terminal off the Mornington Peninsula.

CSIRO has welcomed planned US tests of its next-gen solar thermal technology.

Queensland researchers have come up with a carbon-capture process that could significantly reduce emissions from concrete production.

Funding has been granted for a system to provide solar energy on dark parts of the Moon.

The Department of Industry's $10 million reliable energy infrastructure grants program has been found to be flawed.

A new gas import terminal could help Australia avoid a looming gas shortage.

Experts are working on a ‘defence-grade cybersecure’ battery management system.

The Federal Government wants to modify a major investment scheme, and could use it to underwrite new fossil fuel projects.

The expected lifespan of Australia’s longest natural gas pipeline has been slashed.

Regulators have proposed charging Australians with rooftop solar panels for exporting electricity to the grid.

CSIRO is looking at options to build a multi-billion-dollar battery recycling industry in Australia.

The NT Government has launched a project to make hydrogen fuel out of water extracted from the desert air.

Australia's largest community-owned solar farm has been switched on.

New pollution limits have been imposed on Victorian power stations, but greenhouses gases will not be limited.

Australia’s main mining lobby wants the EU to define nuclear power as ‘sustainable’.

SA authorities have remotely switched off thousands of household solar panels, using its new powers for the first time.

Alcoa has secured a five-year electricity supply deal for its Portland aluminium smelter.

Victoria is planning a per-kilometre road tax for electric vehicle users.

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