AGL is still not on board with the Federal Government’s push to keep the Liddell power station open beyond its scheduled closure in 2022.

Engineers are working on ways to harvest energy from evaporating water.

The Federal Government has secured an agreement with major firms on gas export controls.

Logan Council near Brisbane is going off the grid and installing a solar and battery system power provided by Telsa.

Marine research says noise from oil and gas exploration could be harming scallops.

Queensland authorities say there is no evidence the release of stormwater from Abbot Point Coal Terminal caused widespread contamination of the nearby Caley Valley Wetlands.

BHP’s workforce is now over 20 per cent female.

AEMO says a looming gas shortfall could me much higher than expected.

A steel baron and climate change expert have teamed up to make Australian factories greener.

QUT researchers have produced Australia’s first lithium-ion battery.

Australian-listed oil and gas company Strike Energy is moving to Adelaide.

A new survey shows Australians know the value of home power storage.

A new ANU study says there are more than enough potential pumped hydro sites to power the nation.

A coal mine in NSW is putting Sydney’s drinking water catchment at risk.

Major energy companies are scouring the rural property market for places to build wind and solar farms.

The CFMEU and union officials will pay over $2 million in penalties over unlawful industrial action.

Empire Oil & Gas subsidiary Empire Oil Company has entered voluntary administration.

The Federal Government should “get out of the way” ...

AGL has over $230 million in direct grants to fund its flagship solar generators...

Proponents have reflected on the chance of nuclear power getting a run in Australia.

Adani says work will begin on a solar energy plant at Moranbah in Queensland by the end of the year.

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