A faulty USB is being blamed for a NSW woman’s death, and has prompted calls to check that even low-power adapters are properly certified.

Twenty-five Coalition lower house MPs have signed a petition asking for the aluminium smelting industry to be exempt from the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

A new robot could save millions of dollars across energy, water and gas pipe networks.

Entrants in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe have shown what the energy-conscious house of the future may include.

Australia has added to its uranium repertoire with the opening of the Four Mile mine in South Australia.

The Australian Competition Tribunal will allow the sale of New South Wales power assets, overturning an ACCC decision.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says the NSW government should share gas royalties with landowners, but that he would die before creating a domestic reservation.

One of the world’s best-known companies will buy a power outfit for over $17 billion.

If engineers just concentrate, they may be able to replace most of our power networks with solar technologies.

The Assistant Minister for Infrastructure says South Australia should get involved in the Federal Government’s infrastructure-linked hand-outs from the $5 billion Asset Recycling Initiative.

At a recent industry conference, a prominent environmental consultant said Australia and the world need to embrace nuclear power.

The Singleton Chamber of Commerce says it has become a victim of the diminished global coal price, with low demand hitting businesses hard in rural New South Wales.

Australian households use four per cent less electricity than they did four years ago, but the value of that electricity has risen, new statistics say.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) lives on for now, and the Prime Minister has been handed his first option for a double dissolution.

A new smart-phone app designed by Australian researchers could save lives soon.

State and Federal funds will help build a multi-million-dollar plant to develop a new type of coal fuel for China.

The Prime Minister continues to skirt the importance of investment in renewable energy, saying that Australia should focus on “affordable” energy, and that fighting climate change can be done without harming fossil fuel industries.

Better products for the building industry could be just around the corner, with local authorities working on a new age of green manufacturing.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla will throw open its design book for the world to see, giving out its technology patents for green-thinking engineers to improve upon.

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt pledged the re-funding of a half-billion-dollar solar roof scheme in the election run-up, but now appears to have found just $2 million to pay for it.

Government and industry figures are circling around the plans for a new base load power station in north Queensland.

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