Fortescue has called for a “use it or lose it” policy with regard to Western Australia’s domestic gas reserves.

Though it may not be enough to stop the tide of unemployment rising in Australia’s automotive-manufacturing sector, one expert has a suggestion for way energy efficiency can boost local industries.

Nine new permits have been awarded for offshore oil exploration around Australia.

The coal price is being blamed for a string of job cuts on local mine sites.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke says Australia should once again consider becoming a storage ground for the world’s nuclear waste.

The collapse of a solar company in the middle of recalling a faulty product means electricians will wear the cost in Queensland.

Ergon Energy has embarked on a half-million dollar effort to stop birds running into powerlines.

A grassroots group supporting Australian workers and industries has unveiled new products to keep energy costs down for small operations.

The Australian Competition Tribunal has heard that customers will see increased costs if AGL is allowed to buy Macquarie Generation.

The energy company embroiled in legal action from Blue Mountains residents knew for over a year about a risk from cables running through trees in a bushfire-prone area.

Coal giants say the Australian industry is being squeezed to its limit by high taxes and strong local dollar.

An industry body has warned that mining and processing natural gas in giant offshore factories will cost thousands of onshore Australian jobs.

A joint state and federal funding scheme will see millions spent showing new ways to use brown coal.

The Victorian Environment Department says a long-running underground fire at the Hazelwood coal mine has “created a choking reminder of the real price of relying on coal for electricity”.

One of Australia’s largest coal supporters has given a glimpse of how much money it costs to “do business in New South Wales”.

Japan's Industry Ministry has given a glimpse of the soil-freezing technique it hopes will stop the spread of a radioactive material from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site.

Analysts say the future of renewable energy investment in Australia is looking rough.

A high-tech road show is making its way across the Northern Territory, bringing futuristic methods to ancient practices.

Some investors are outraged at the decision to appoint Tony Hayward as the new chairman of Glencore Xstrata.

More than a dozen communities have been waiting on word about a promised power price reduction.

Australian treasury cost-cutters appear to have scoured legislation for any mention of “clean”, “green” or “renewable” spending, and promptly hacked it down.

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