Some authorities have accused Australian gas companies of cooking up a domestic gas crisis to pressure governments for more approvals.

Some major energy providers have made their pitch ahead of the Renewable Energy Target review this year, claiming the figure should now be lowered.

With nuclear energy seemingly at its least popular in years, many have begun to neglect the benefits of the power source that never really made it.

Some of the smaller players in the ACT electricity market want prices adjusted to improve competition.

Two champions of a renewable energy future have been honoured this Australia Day.

Nearly a dozen people have been arrested while protesting at a mine site in New South Wales.

Batteries made from a futuristic mix of sugars and other enzymes could power our devices in just a few years, with a new standard set by researchers in the US.

There has been some interest in a plan to build a large-scale wave energy farm off the coast of Victoria.

Mining companies in Western Australia will look to hire on short contracts for a while, with employment experts claiming a lull in resources recruitment continues.

Arrow Energy is expected to make some unwanted announcements this week, with reports it is preparing to wind back its commitment to the $10 billion Gladstone LNG project and sack several hundred workers.

Germany is dealing with the effects of its exit from the nuclear power game, with the country’s new energy minister looking to cut renewable subsidies to save money.

Executives at BP may be mildly annoyed by the company’s own research, which has found growth in global energy demand could be on the way down.

Australia will be the next big figure to rise from the brewing shale oil and gas boom, according to researchers in the US.

A string of incidents and concerns for the future have prompted a probe into safety at mines in Western Australia.

Some Australian workers have had a win for workplace dignity, with the Fair Work Commission forcing one company to switch from urine to saliva in staff drug tests.

A Western Australian wind farm has reached the end of its nominal design life, and some locals want to make sure it doesn’t take the air from their renewable sails.

A trial is on in the UK to test an innovative solution to pollution from public transport, with electric buses rolling between wireless charging points in London.

The Federal Environment Minister is one of a dwindling number still in support of Australia’s Renewable Energy target, with the Prime Minister more excited about the “superabundance” of coal.

Research engineers in the US have designed a micro-windmill that yield a tiny new level of energy gathering.

Many European counties will have an entirely new set of options for resources and energy in coming years, as a number of major projects bring the continent’s new power paradigm closer.

One of Australia’s largest oil and gas firms has been fined for the failed reporting of more than dozen environmental incidents.

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