Thousands hit the streets in Queensland on the weekend to protest industrial threats to the Great Barrier Reef.

A company in WA is looking to set a number of world-firsts with a project to build a wave-powered desalination plant.

A South Australian uranium mine has reported losses of $60 million over the last two years, recently blamed on the fallout from the Fukushima disaster.

New research by the Australian Energy Market Operator has shown converting to entirely renewable power could end up costing the same as continuing to use fossil fuels.

A man has fallen not for the oldest trick in the book - but possibly the most obvious – arrested after responding to a fake ad looking for uranium.

A ground-breaking plant is being set up in Newcastle, the first site in the world to turn carbon emissions directly into bricks and pavers for construction.

New research being undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology seeks to help small mining and exploration companies, but may have slightly missed the mark.

A New South Wales council has blocked progress on a wind farm project after it said the company responsible could not run cables underneath public roads.

Researchers in the United States have used microbes to achieve the highest rate yet in the conversion of plant material into biofuel.

There is controversy unfolding over gas projects in the west, with a ruling that the approval of a massive offshore Kimberly gas hub was unlawful due to conflicting interests.

Shareholders are set to vote on a name change for Cougar Energy, as the company tries to move beyond its coal gas-heavy past and into conventional assets.

The Metals Australia firm has raised half a million dollars for a project to drill for uranium in Namibia.

A major German power company has shut down six domestic plants and another provider is considering moving to Turkey, as the nation trims down its addiction to fossil fuels and carbon-heavy energy.

With eyes around the world looking for new ways to end the global reliance on oil and coal, many are beginning to focus on the embattled but still solid source; uranium.

A rally in Melbourne has seen disgruntled Yallourn power station workers joined by hundreds of people outside the offices of their employer, Energy Australia.

Scottish scientists have done some prospecting in space, identifying twelve nearby asteroids which could be harnessed and mined for valuable resources.

The West Australian government has paid attention to the massive public and governmental criticism of plans to cut the state’s solar feed-in tariff, the Premier has decided not to go ahead with changes he now calls the “wrong decision.”

A Spanish company is making moves towards the energy future, growing their first crop of algae which will be used to manufacture bio-fuel.

A team of engineering students at the University of New South Wales has had a re-think of the traditionally super-sleek solar car design, remodelling the sun-mobile with humans in mind.

A small Western Australian engineering firm is working on a design for a mobile hybrid diesel-solar power plant to serve the mining industry.

A raft bad luck and bad choices are catching up with one of Australia’s biggest mining firms, with reports Newcrest have posted s full-year loss of$5.8 billion.

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