An Australian uranium exploration and mining firm has been fined for lodging virtually no financial documents, and not even holding an AGM.

An oil spill in the Newcastle Harbour has cost one company over a million dollars.

Researchers are working on a way to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using some special nanoparticles and light.

Global shifts are underway which could lead foreign investors to pull up stumps from Australia, stranding a number of projects and leading to the possibility of “mothballed or abandoned” local coal mines.

Workers who have been building new mines should now be taught to operate them, an oil and gas industry report says.

The federal government of the United States will triple its use of renewable energy by 2020 on a presidential mandate.

A worker has reportedly fallen into contaminated waste while cleaning up a large spill of uranium slurry at the Ranger mine in NT.

One council has become the first in Tasmania to implement the Local Government Peak Oil Action Plan, which seeks to help fight the ever-increasing cost of fuel.

Dredging has been approved that many believe will condemn the Great Barrier Reef to silty strangulation.

The Sun is still seen by some as an inconsistent resource, but developments in the US will help grab a hold of its unending power supplies in a cheaper, more efficient and more flexible way.

A bill is being considered which will hand more control to Queensland governments for approval of mining leases, but some say it does not go far enough.

The representative body for Australia’s smaller and independent service stations says the end of shopper dockets would be good, but they are not the only thing making the fuel market uneven.

Broad opposition is forming to combat attempts by the Federal Government to introduce a ‘Direct Action’ policy to deal with climate change.

Approval has been given to a new 100MW wind farm in South Australia, with Pacific Hydro set to embark on the 42-turbine $240 million build.

The recent spill of about a million litres of uranium ore and acid has been used as a platform to call for the end of uranium mining at the Ranger site.

A new initiative will help Papua New Guinea residents stay a little bit more connected, with a telecom company rolling out solar-powered phone charging stations around the island community

The New South Wales Government is looking to drum up cash by letting go of some goods, starting with all the state’s renewable energy assets.

A major coal seam gas company is shopping around for someone to deal with its chemical-laden ‘flowback water’, but the response from nearby treatment plants has not been favourable.

Engineers have been working for decades on the best way to harness the power of thermionic conversion, hoping to develop an efficient way to draw electricity from any source of heat.

An environmental engineer has developed and enacted plans for a single site which could process human waste and harvest oil and gas without harmful emissions.

An energy legislation amendment bill is up for debate in Western Australia, the bill seeks to lay down rules for transport and storage of greenhouse gas in pipelines and the ground.

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