State governments will be eligible for massive incentives to sell-off their assets, under a new scheme announced by Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey this week.

A key government authority has said for the first time that the resources boom is winding down, at the same time as a new study says most Australians did not benefit from it.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has defended its own existence, as the Federal Government continues its plan to shut-down the renewable-energy investor.

A new system developed by University of Adelaide engineers can model and predict temperatures within a building, promising significant reductions in commercial energy use.

Australian oil and gas company Santos Ltd. is sinking eighteen water monitoring bores around its operations in New South Wales – saying that if water tables are diminished or damaged, they will know about it.

A new project has been launched to find out exactly how the values of people in rural areas are affected by land use conflicts caused by CSG drilling, wind farms, irrigation and agriculture.

A former industry executive has made the remarkable call for energy giant BHP to move toward environmentally sustainable technology and processes, while also trying to get a job on BHP’s executive board.

Industry insiders reporting from the UN-sponsored climate change talks in Warsaw say the solutions to the energy market’s effect on the environment are already here.

According to recent polls, the Federal Government’s plan to replace the carbon tax with a direct action policy has been as well-received as having no policy at all.

The Australian Government is continuing its pledge to dissolve approval processes it deems unnecessary or duplicative, this week announcing a new ‘one-stop-shop’ environmental process for offshore petroleum and greenhouse gas storage activities.

The chief executive of a major mine pumping equipment supplier says Australia needs to ignore the concerns of environmentalists and other residents, and surge full-steam into coal seam gas extraction.

Researchers have come up with an astounding new technique; using X-ray lasers to determine the molecular structure of proteins – without any prior knowledge of what they look like.

A new book has added 25 species to the thousands which inhabit a small island area off the north west of Australia.

For years people have said that the only real replacement for internal combustion engines would be a hydrogen-driven motor, but that is too far off. Not anymore.

An industrial dispute lasting more than a year of back-and-forth is over, with workers at the Yallourn power station in the Latrobe Valley accepting a final wage agreement.

Cambridge researchers have gone back to the drawing board for solar cells, looking to redesign the entire system to allow better efficiency with cheaper materials.

Tens of thousands of Australians took to the streets over the weekend, speaking out about the need to fight climate change with realistic methods.

University authorities have been working to find the best way to convert the coal-fired Collinsville Power Station into a hybrid solar-thermal and gas-power station.

A quietly introduced piece of mining legislation has created concern from communities in Victoria.

The chairman of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has spoken out, calling on individuals, grassroots and community groups to push for real action on climate change.

An Indonesian mining company is looking for approval on a plan to start a new open-cut coal mine in Tasmania.

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