2017 Writing Clear Science Workshops



What we teach:

We teach how to write clearly and succinctly, without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

We teach you how to get your thoughts down clearly and how to increase your efficiency as a writer. We teach how to write and design documents according to audience (e.g. industry, peer review), purpose (e.g. monitoring report, journal article) and the type of research or project problem that needs to be solved.

We review the standard scientific reporting framework, how to prepare reports and papers, and discuss how to clearly and concisely communicate a research project to a chosen audience. In addition, across the two days, we conduct editing, writing and re-writing exercises, where we teach how to improve writing through effective editing skills and critical review techniques.

How we teach:

-               Through small workshops that are instructive, interactive and enjoyable.

-               We create a comfortable environment where you can participate at your own pace.

Who we teach:

-               Any person who writes about science: scientists, science students and science professionals.

What we understand:

-               Why writing is a struggle for many people.

-               How to simplify the writing process and improve efficiency.

What we provide:

-               Exercises that allow you to write about your own projects and topics.

-               Improved writing skills and a writing toolkit for future reference.

-               Editing & feedback on your writing.

Day 1: Writing clearly & succinctly

Day 2: Writing reports & papers*

- How to be an efficient writer

- Effective document structure

- Effective sentence & paragraph structure

- Clarifying your topic and project problem.

- Writing clearly, accurately & efficiently

- Document design according to audience & purpose



2017 Open Workshop Calendar

             Workshop                               Dates                   Location               

How to be an Efficient Writer                 29th Aug.        Sydney                             Brochure            Book Now

How to be an Efficient Writer                1st Nov.           Melbourne CBD              Brochure            Book Now

How to Write Clearly & Succinctly       27th Sept.       Melbourne CBD               Brochure            Book Now

How to Write Reports & Papers            28th Sept.      Melbourne CBD                Brochure            Book Now

How to Write Clearly & Succinctly       17th Oct.        Sydney CBD                      Brochure            Book Now

How to Write Reports & Papers           18th Oct.         Sydney CBD                    Brochure            Book Now

 $370 per day (GST incl.) or $700 for 2 days (GST incl.) + small booking fee;

- minus 10% early bird discount and group bookings (>2 )
- minus 20% for full-time students

Fees include workshop registration, editing of a sample of your writing, course certificate, detailed handouts, the Writing Clear Science exercise handbook and resources; morning & afternoon tea.

In-House Writing Workshops

- Writing Clear Science also offers In-House Writing Workshops. We can offer a 1-3 day workshop that is tailored to your needs. Rates are charged per enrolment.

About the facilitator:

Prior to 2005, Dr Marina Hurley worked for 20 years as a research scientist, lecturer and academic within ecological, forestry and agriculture disciplines. Dr Hurley has a BSc and PhD in Science (Zoology) and is Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Ecosystem Science, University of New South Wales (2012 – present). Additional information is available via: au.linkedin.com/in/marinahurley/

Recent feedback:

-               ‘I was very impressed with the approach, the activities and the tools presented to aid the writing process.’

-               ‘I have gained a fresh perspective on my writing - I am re-energized and want to write.'

-               ‘It was highly relevant to the work we do every day with plenty of variety to maintain our interest. Also a non-threatening approach/environment allowing all participants to feel comfortable.’

-               'Wide breadth of writing skills covered with good detail. Excellent handouts for future reference.'

-               ‘This workshop made all the difference, as it allows time to really think about the writing process, and then practice and solidify those realisations.’

For further information, including course details go to www.writingclearscience.com.au or contact Dr Marina Hurley: 0416-097-979; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.