Work has commenced at CS Energy’s $104.7 million Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project with Queensland firm FK Gardner and Sons Group (FKG) selected as the civil contractor for the project.


Principal contractor, AREVA Solar, appointed the Toowoomba-based firm to carry out site preparation works, following the completion of surveys by an environmental ecologist and assessment by cultural heritage representatives.

FKG will soon commence construction of 14 pads for the solar steam generators. Each pad is approximately 500 metres long and a five metre wide perimeter road will be constructed around the pads for operation and maintenance vehicles.  FKG will also be providing embedments and supports for the solar towers and will undertake drainage works.


All civil works are expected to be completed by March next year including site preparation, excavation, drainage and concrete works.


The 44 megawatt solar thermal addition to CS Energy’s existing 750 megawatt Kogan Creek Power Station was officially launched last April. It will be the largest solar integration with a coal-fired power station in the world. Up to 120 jobs will be created during the project’s peak construction period.

Kogan Creek Solar Boost Project Manager, Alan Brake, said mechanical contractors are expected to be appointed shortly, with construction of the solar steam generators scheduled to commence at the beginning of the year and the solar addition expected to be operational in 2013.