A New South Wales council has blocked progress on a wind farm project after it said the company responsible could not run cables underneath public roads.

The Goldwind company is building a wind farm near Goulburn in the Upper Lachlan Shire Council. Local Mayor John Shaw says the proposal to run cables under a road to connect the farm’s two sites has been reject because the company left it too late to ask.

“Look, the message is, keep your hands off our roads,” Mr Shaw said, “don't believe that you can build a wind farm and not worry about where you're going to put your cabling because it's all right, we'll use council roads... that's not what's going to happen. They just can't come in and do everything they want without some sort of hiccup along the way.”

The Council now concedes that permission for underground cabling was granted in the environmental assessment for the site, which could be the basis on which the NSW Department of Planning could overturn the Council’s decision.

The Gullen Range wind farm is expected to be completed early next year and will generate 165.5 mega watts of power to the New South Wales electricity network.