Australia’s largest solar power station has begun to supply power to Alice Springs and surrounding communities.


Worth $6.6 million, the station features 3,000 panels that can generate enough power for 300 homes, or 1 per cent of Alice Spring’s electricity requirement. The station was supported by $3.3 million in Commonwealth funding as part of the Federal Government’s $94 million Solar Cities program.


The station was developed as a partnership between SunPower and Power and Water Corporation as a key component of the Alice Solar City project.


The Uterne power station, meaning ‘bright sunny day’ in the local Arrente language will see Power and Water Corporation sign an agreement to purchase electricity from the 1MW system for 20 years, offering Alice Springs residents the opportunity to purchase GreenPower from a local renewable energy source.


"The world is beginning to realise that solar is real, that clean energy is necessary to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gases and the sooner the culture moves on and the debate stops, the better we'll all feel," said SunPower managing director Bob Balkiston.