The ABCC has announced new Building Code rules to stop the Eureka flag from being displayed on building sites.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) directive could ban companies from federal building work if employees display the Eureka flag or union slogans on employer-supplied clothing and equipment.

Union logos were allowed under previous rules unless they were “voluminous or large scale”.

The CFMEU has come out swinging, claiming that the ABCC has not changed since former boss Nigel Hadgkiss quit last September after breaching the Fair Work Act.

“Nigel Hadgkiss acted like a partisan attack dog for the Turnbull Government,” CFMEU national construction secretary Dave Noonan said in a statement.

“We can now see that the new leadership of the ABCC is no different. It is very clear that the Turnbull Government's ABCC is not about productivity or industry reform.

“The ABCC is merely a taxpayer-funded vehicle for the Liberal Party's culture war against unions.

“There are real problems that require the PM's attention, like stagnating wage growth and casualisation of the workforce.

“Yet they have gone out of their way to make a specific set of rules ... a flag that represents a struggle for democracy and fairness.”